Why can I help you?

Having learnt a lot on the traits of successful candidates and the recruitment process from my own personal experience, my professional experience  as well as many conversations directly with a wide range of recruiters on what they want from candidates  and what makes candidates successful, I am keen to help others master the process themselves. I have learnt many lessons and I would like to save you from making the mistakes I’ve made in the past and skip from application and interview struggle straight to the good parts of applying for a new job. This is what I can offer you:

  • Good experience and up to date knowledge of recruitment processes.
  • Strong track record in guiding, supporting and advising candidates with job applications.
  • Strong experience and good knowledge of a wide range of employers  and their recruitment processes, preferences and dislikes.
  • Advice on writing a successful application and how to deliver a successful interview, as well as what not to do.
  • I understand the different stages of the personal journey in applying for jobs from my personal experience. I understand interview struggle, the frustration, confusion, not knowing what you may be doing wrong, how time consuming it can be, and how anxious it can make you feel. I also understand how to succeed, how great it can feel to deliver a good application and interview, and how good it feels to understand how it works and to achieve what you set out to achieve.

For more information see my About page.