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If you answer yes to one or more of the following then you are in the right place and are ready to unlock your success:

Convert Interview Nerves to Interview Success

  • Simply want an external perspective on your CV?
  • Have you spent hours or days completing an application form or CV & covering letter for a new job, waited anxiously for days or weeks waiting to hear if you have progressed through to the next stage, only to receive a generic “thank you for your application, unfortunately…”?
  • Have you applied for job after job with the same disappointing results?
  • Do you get over anxious and overtaken by interview nerves?
  • Have you have received a number of rejections after interviews and don’t know why adding to their interview nerves?
  • Have you asked for feedback on your application or interview only to be told “unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide individual feedback…”? And therefore are at a loss at how to improve?
  • Has it been a while since you experienced the recruitment process and would like to talk through it to refresh yourself?

I often encounter the following when supporting candidates through the application process :

  • Candidates that simply need to talk through their interview nerves and doubts to reassure and prepare themselves for the recruitment process.
  • Candidates that unknowingly make a series of basic mistakes that need identifying so they can rectify them and move forward.
  • Commonly, candidates that undersell themselves and their attributes without realising it.

A lot of us, including myself, never received any formal training or advice at School on how to write a good application form, how to deliver a strong interview, or how to approach an interview, or if we did, we were not always in a place to take it in or take advantage of that guidance.

However, there doesn’t appear to be many obvious places to learn these techniques and lessons for adults who didn’t attend University or who are beyond university age that provides individual support and guidance, which can make these situations and cycles harder. This can at best feel confusing, at worst it can result in losing confidence and belief in what we are capable of.

This was my motivation to set up this service, to teach what I have learnt over the years on successful application and interview techniques and set you onwards to the jobs and careers you are both capable of and ready for.

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