There are a lot of people out there in unfulfilling jobs that they are over qualified and
over capable in and yet feel stuck on how to reach that next Nicola Clemmit - About me - interview successlevel.  They apply for jobs they know they can perform well in and yet interview success alludes them. They either don’t get through the application stage or they get through to interview and fall down either because of nerves or they genuinely don’t understand why they weren’t successful. If they do manage to get feedback, its generally not helpful – if it was they would have worked on it and been successful in their next interview.

I understand this, I’ve have experience of learning the hard way how to succeed in job applications, interviews and presentations. It wasn’t something that I remember being taught at School or University (something that has thankfully changed today), and I don’t remember being guided away from the pitfalls and learning the successful techniques and requirements for performing well in the job market.  I’ve come out the other side now, and have years of professional experience supporting others in how to succeed in the recruitment process.

I work in the work placements and careers field. I have good knowledge and experience of the recruitment process, specifically for graduate recruitment, and also knowledge and experience generally of recruitment, guiding, supporting and advising on job applications. Recruitment processes for employers whether they be international corporations or small, local companies have many similarities but also differ from employer to employer. Understanding employer requirements, expectations, preferences and dislikes, as well as the common mistakes that applicants make helps me to provide valuable support to my clients.

I have personal experience to draw upon having worked in different sectors, from Corporate to Public Sectors, as well as in the UK and internationally in Canada and New Zealand.

Therefore, I can provide insight and guidance on how to move forward with the following:

  • Application form technique
  • CV & covering letter writing guidance
  • Understanding recruitment pitfalls and success strategies
  • Interview techniques and tips
  • Overcoming interview and presentation nerves and anxiety
  • Resilience in the recruitment process
  • Understanding the employer’s perspective

Understanding the above is essential to confident job applications and unlocking your potential.  It’s common for intelligent, skilled and capable candidates to unknowingly make the same mistakes in application forms and interviews. This can keep them in the frustrating loop of standing still in their work lives.  Learning the techniques and understanding the application process more fully would help rectify these mistakes.

I genuinely want to help those of you who are feeling stuck in the application process, or simply need an outside opinion and perspective.

Employers generally don’t have time to provide feedback which can keep some candidates stuck in an unpleasant loop of application effort and time through to rejection with no guidance of where they went wrong. Today universities often provide comprehensive support and advice for students,  and often provide services for graduates now which is great, but for those who don’t fit into those services where do they go to? Here of course! Check out My Services page for more on what I offer and to who.

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